On Riding + Superlatives

Orygun Run 2016 - A Trip of Superlatives:

The most strangers I’ve ever ridden with.
The best curves [Shaniko to Fossil].
The oldest rocks.
The clearest and brightest blue waters of Crater Lake.
The most hail.
The most bad luck to the most people on 395 in a single mile
[...and I’ve ridden all 1,305 miles of it].

The most potent Baklava [Thanks Rockhorse Park Sisters!]
The most raffle prizes I’ve ever won [Thanks @zombieperformance!]
The most free weed ever [Thanks, Swell Provisions!]
The most bad dad jokes by Leonard Sez [Thanks tiny bar near Fort Rock!]

The most kind and generous man who also has a sign in his window saying:
"No Trespassing: I own firearms and a backhoe.”

The best organized (but not annoyingly overly organized) ride I’ve ever been on.
Oh, and Samsquanch is real.

Who's ready for more this year?

-Martha, @marthvader
(Photo by @rambleonphoto)