Ready to Become a Sponsor or Raffle Donor? 

Check out some FAQ's below and email us at to discuss customized sponsorship options!

Sponsor FAQs

Q: Who sponsors the Orygun Run?
 First of all, we LOVE our Sponsors - you should check them out! They offer everything from gorgeous moto apparel + truly unique rider experiences to significant financial contributions that help us to offset the costs of hosting a 4 day event. Our headlining sponsors are those that host campsite locations, supply beer/other party supplies, provide breakfast + dinner, and contribute financially. General sponsorship is open to all interested folks, varying from companies who assist with chase vehicle + repair logistics to the many, many incredible friends that provide our amazing raffle prizes. There is an option for everyone!

Q: Your event looks rad! How do I get involved?
 We'd love to have you on board! Feel free to review our 2019 Partner Kit to learn more about how we work with our partners for both of our annual events. If you're interested (we hope you are!) in supporting Orygun Run this year, please reach out to us directly at

Q: How do I become a Presenting Sponsor?
 Presenting Sponsors are those that are providing support valued at $1,000+, either in product, services, or direct financial contribution. Presenting sponsors receive benefits across Orygun Run, as well as our sister event, Run To The Rock. If you are interested in learning more about potential Presenting Sponsorship, please reach out to us directly at to discuss options!

Q: What other sponsorship levels are available?
A: Our 2019 Partner Kit outlines a variety of sponsorship and/or donation opportunities that may fit your interest. If you are considering a financial contribution that falls outside the standard range, please know that all support is welcomed. Simply email us directly at to join the #RidePartyRepeat journey!

Q: I'm interested in donating to the raffle... what do I donate?
 Raffle Donations are typically valued at $100+, so the options are limitless. When selecting our raffle donors, we aim to work with motorcycle-friendly companies (especially those who retail motorcycle-specific products) and those that support an independent, grassroots, event style. While we will often prioritize local, Oregon + Pacific Northwest companies, we certainly partner with businesses nationally - and even internationally! - to provide the best possible experience to our riders.

Q: Are there vendor spots available at the campsites?
 Unfortunately, no. This is a non-vending event (aside from official Orygun Run merchandise). However, our sister event, Run To The Rock, has some amazing vendor options, so please feel free to check it out!