Got Questions? Here Are Some Answers.

Rider FAQs

Q: When will 2019 tickets be available for purchase?
 Tickets will be available for purchase at 10am on Sunday, March 3rd. Don’t worry, we will provide plenty of advance notice leading up to ticket release via email and social media, but remember, they don't last long... so when they're out, they're out. Thanks for understanding!

Q: Do tickets really sell out?
 Yes, really. The Orygun Run is a small, grassroots, moto-camping event and we aim to keep our participation numbers small in order to maintain that vibe. To stay updated on ticket promos, available ticket transfers, and other news, be sure to join the Orygun Run Email List.

Q: Can I get Orygun Run merchandise, even if I don't ride?
Of course! We think everyone should have more #RidePartyRepeat in their lives. While rocker-style patches are only available to annual Gunrunners, we invite anyone to browse general and past year merchandise in our Orygun Run Shop.

Q: How far are the rides each day?
A: Beginning in 2017, the run was extended to 4 days + 3 nights... so it's a lot of time in the seat! In the spirit of putting down miles, but ensuring that all riders stay safe, we aim to offer a few different routes for each day so that every rider can follow a ride that suits them. The long routes will push your riding abilities and take you to off-the-beaten-path (400+ miles / 6+ hours); the suggested route will take the scenic ways, without adding a ton of extra time (300ish miles / 4ish hours); and the direct route will typically get you to the next stop as quickly as possible (usually 250-300 miles / 3-4 hours)... in case that hangover is lingering.

Q: When do we get the routes? 
A: We work to provide routes at least 4 weeks from out the actual run. Beginning in 2018, we began utilizing our Rever Community Page, as well as other options, to make available the .GPX and .PDF versions of the routes for use on all platforms. Please note that prior to registration day, routes supplied will simply include general endpoints (ie, Mulino.) See below for more info...

Q: When do we get the *actual* campsite locations?
A: Since we utilize private properties for our campsites, we only supply exact campsite addresses in the Gunrunner Welcome Pack that riders + participants will pick up on the morning of registration. Welcome Packs will also include emergency contact numbers, group swim locations, and other essential rider information. Please make sure that you are at registration during the designated times to ensure that you get your Welcome Pack!

Q: How many people will be on the ride?
A: Sticking to the original philosophy of the Orygun Run, we aim to keep the event small so that riders really get a chance to meet new people, ride with new people, and build a moto community that becomes like family. We grew to just over 125 riders in our first two years and plan to cap the total at 150 registered riders max.

Q: What will we have to eat, drink, and smoke?
A: PLENTY. Orygun Run's rad sponsors, along with staff and volunteers, will be providing dinner each night and breakfast each morning (we will do our best to ensure *some* V/GF/DF options), but lunch and road meals are on you throughout the day. Once at campsite, there will be lots of adult party fuel for riders to enjoy responsibly, as well as bottled water and soft drinks. We recommend that all riders BYO plenty of extra water and roadside snacks for full days of riding.

Q: What should I pack? How else do I prepare?
A: We will always recommend an extra gas can + fuel for the run! In addition to that, we have some of our suggested items listed on our Packing List post. Additionally, we strongly encourage that every rider use our Bike Checklist to ensure that their own bikes is properly dialed in for the run. It's a lot of miles + a lot of terrain!

Q: Can I rent a tent/sleeping bag/camp pad on the run?
While we think every moto rider should have a trusty tent/sleeping bag/camp pad that they carry along, we do recognize that some riders may be flying in to participate. Please email us directly if you have specific rental needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q: Will I receive any communications in advance?
A: Yes! All registered riders will receive Gunrunner Updates beginning roughly two months prior to the run, so please let us know if you're not receiving them! (Also, be sure to check your spam/unread email folders, as may not be a recognized sender by your account. If you don't see 'em there, email us directly with your correct email address and we'll be sure to get it fixed!)

Q: I bought tickets, but now I can't go... can I get a refund?
A: Unfortunately, tickets are non-refundable, but they *are* transferrable. So you may sell your ticket to a friend or contact us to post on Instagram/Facebook that a ticket is now available. We'll connect you with a potential buyer ASAP!

Q: I purchased a ticket from another rider. What do I do now?
A: Please email us directly with the name of the person you purchased the ticket from and your contact info (specifically, email address). We'll send you the Participant Registration Form and get the ticket registration transferred over! 

Q: Do I need to bring my ticket to registration?
A: Our rad tickets, lovingly letter-pressed by our buddies at Stumptown Printersare commemorative and do not need to come on the ride!

Q: Can I purchase Orygun Run merchandise on the run?
 Yes! Merchandise will be available for both on-the-spot purchase and/or pre-order during the run. Also, be sure to browse our Orygun Run Shop for all merchandise, including general Orygun Run originals and prior year discounts.

Q: I want to win stuff! How do I do that?
 The Orygun Run raffle typically takes place on Night #2 of the run and has all things handmade and moto-specific for riders of all types. Thanks to a huge group of Oregon-local businesses, as well as some rad national - and even international! - brands, we always have unbelievable prizes up for grabs. Raffle tickets can be purchased for $5 each on the run, but we suggest saving your weekend cash and getting multi-ticket discounts by pre-purchasing in our online shop prior to the run. There is no ticket limit per rider, so go ahead and up your chances to win! You can browse a selection of our raffle donors on our Sponsors Page.

Q: Can I invite friends/non-Gunrunners to join me at the campsites?
No. The Orygun Run is a closed event for ticketed riders/passengers only and unfortunately, we cannot accept outside visitors. We strive to select amazing campsites and host locations for our Gunrunners, as well as to provide plenty of food and good times, so maintaining a closed run is necessary. To facilitate this, rider wristbands (provided at registration) will be checked upon arrival to camp each night.

Q: Will there be bathrooms/showers at the campsites?
 All campsites will have sufficient restrooms or portapotties easily accessible. Showers, however, are typically scarce... so plan accordingly. But don't worry, our routes include plenty of lakes, rivers, or other spots to wash the dust off!

Q: Do I need cash, credit cards, other bargaining chips?
 While most all gas stops/other road stops should accept credit cards, we recommend cash for purchases at campsites - specifically, raffle tickets + merchandise, as wifi access is never consistent. And of course, we're always up for some type of amazing trade!

Q: I'm vegetarian/vegan/GF/DF... will I starve?
 If you're all of the above, perhaps... what do you eat?!? But seriously, we will do our best to provide some available dinner options each night that meet a variety of common food restrictions. We do recommend, however, that you have some of your own snacks available, as rural Oregon may not be able to readily meet your needs.

Q: Can I wear my MC/other colors?
 On the road - sure! (We get it!) But at the campsites - we ask that you kindly don't. The Orygun Run is made up of all types of riders, on all types of bikes, and from all backgrounds. The point is to meet new people, ride new roads, and be open minded to new experiences. Distinguishing colors or other divisive conduct are not allowed.