Bike Prep

The Orygun Run is not like other runs. In addition to the curves, gravel, and varying dirt that you may encounter on other rides, Gunrunners become accustomed to putting their bikes through the ringer. Think 300+ miles a day, mountain cold and valley heat in the same day, and a whole lot of time on those two wheels. The routes are long and technical, and the last thing we want is for you or your bike to be stranded or worse yet, injured.

As a reminder: the Orygun Run no longer offers an official chase vehicle, so before you get on that road, let’s make sure that your bike is dialed in and ready to actually put down those miles.

First things first…


Please ride with insurance. It’s the smart thing for you, your bike, and everyone else around you. Please remember that the waiver you sign releases The Orygun Run from any liability for you or your bike (or anyone else on the road for that matter), so do the right thing and make sure that insurance is current.


Same goes for this. Whether it’s AAA, HD Roadside, or something else, just make sure you actually have it and that you actually know the numbers and info needed to use it. Keep in mind that we’ll be covering a lot of distance during the run, so you may want to check the mileage rates and tow distances for your plan. Do they cover flats and low fuel, in addition to accidents? Just make sure!

Now onto the bike:


We highly recommend having a minimum of 1500+ miles of good tread left on your tires before starting out - this goes for your brake pads as well. Think you can make it on the tread you’ve got? Don’t forget to consider the heat, gravel, and dirt that you’ll be encountering that can push low tread to the limits and risk a blowout. Think those brake pads have enough life? Think about how often you’ll be applying them while riding a thousand miles of corners.


If you're having any fueling issues at all, consider cleaning your carb(s) and/or solving the problem before hitting the road. This goes for those “minor leaks” that you’ve just been “dealing with” for a while. Trust, us, when the premium gas options are few and far between, you’ll want to know that it’s all flowing right.


Replace any lamps that might be out to avoid small-town tickets (the cops sure do love a large group of bikers!) and any other minor shortages that you may be facing. Electrical parts are sometimes hard to come by in rural regions and shops may be closed on weekends. Also, consider the impact of any additional electrical pull you may need to cover your on-the-road charging devices as well!


If you are even close to due for an oil change, do it now. During the run, you’ll be in for hot weather, high altitudes, and all kinds of other fun stuff that breaks down oil faster. Plus, who doesn’t love a fresh liter of oil before a big ride?!?

General Maintenance

It’s as simple as this: know your bike. Address odd noises, check nuts + bolts, tighten down loose wires, etc. And for our Gunrunners who love their sketchy choppers (yeah, we do too!), just remember that the repairs are on you!

Need Some Help?

We highly recommend the following places in Portland, operated and or managed by some of our favorite Gunrunners. Feel free to reach out and let them know that you’re a Gunrunner in need!

Bridge City Cycles

Dirty Hands Garage