Packing List

In the spirit of a true gypsy run, we encourage you to only bring the essentials and simply rely on the road and the stops for the rest. That being said, we want everyone to be safe, healthy, and strong enough to make it through the run, so we’ve compiled a list of the key items that we would encourage everyone to have on hand. Read on…

First things first…


It may go without saying, but we’ll say it anyways: you cannot participate in The Orygun Run if you do not have a valid (current) drivers license. You must also be over 21. So, we’ll be checking IDs at registration. So make sure you don’t “leave it at home.”


While we hope you have no need for it, we obviously want you to have your medical insurance, major medical paperwork, or other medical emergency info on you at all times. Consider what the EMT, chase truck, or fellow rider would need to be able to easily access if they were trying to help you out… and then bring that.


You wouldn’t be the first Gunrunner to have their credit card locked because it was randomly used in the middle of nowhere, Oregon. So, make sure you’ve got a backup card, cash, or other bartering goods on you in case your all-knowing financial institution decides to play big brother.

Now onto the Packing:

Bike Gear

In addition to the Bike Prep that you’ve already done (right?), we’d also recommend:

  • Basic tool role w/essential tools

  • Specialty tools (for you chopperheads)

  • A tire patch/plug kit

  • Extra gas can w/gas

Human Gear

Yes, it will be summer, but you’ll also be rolling through a few different regions, so plan accordingly:

  • Layers for several different climates

  • Sunscreen + bug spray

  • Swimwear + towel

  • Camelback or large canteen w/plenty of extra water

Eat + Drink

We live by a “pack in pack out” motto, so we try to reduce as much waste as possible, essentials include:

  • Basic mess kit (ie, reusable plate + spork)

  • Large-mouth canteen or tin mug/cup

  • Road snacks + late-night food

  • Allergy-restrictive foods

  • …it’s worth mentioning again: plenty of extra water


Our various camp site locations vary greatly in terms of sleeping arrangements, essentials include:

  • Tent for open field camping (there is not always options for hammocks!)

  • Rain canopy for tent

  • Sleeping bag + sleep pad/extra blanket

  • Tent light/lantern

Other useful shit

Of course, this list could get extensive, but a few that have proven themselves invaluable include:

  • Motorcycle USB charger

  • Headlamp/flashlight

  • Paper map + sharpie

  • Baby wipes… trust us.