Ricky Bobby Says...

The Orygun Run exceeded my expectations, by far, and stands as one of the best times I've ever had…and I wasn’t even riding a motorcycle!

My Dyna was in the shop getting a transmission rebuild, which was finished just in time for Adam and I to take on the Ride1k Challenge the very next weekend. I accepted the fact that I'd have to ride a cage, and had never been a support vehicle for a run, so I made the best of it with my good friend Rufio. 

Rufio was still recovering from a very serious motorcycle accident and was unable to ride anyway, so I drove his truck while he rode shotgun. We loaded the truck with any supplies we could help transport and were on our way. Rufio and I had nothin but good times being our own mobile party, stopping to swim in rivers, and slowing anytime we saw bikes on the side of the road. 9 out 10 times they waved us on. They were simply taking in the views of this beautiful state.

Although painful at times, I did very much enjoy driving chase truck. I'd drive behind a pack of bikes while Rufio and I would throw our hands up as if we were holding bars and riding with them. So when Adam invited me to ride passenger for the ride to/from Crater Lake, needless to say I jumped at the opportunity!

Our hosts and sponsors were so welcoming and generous. We were well fed and provided with more beers and pre-rolled joints than we could consume. If that sounds like a challenge then it is! You get more than what you pay for to attend this event.

Even during last year's ride I was already looking forward to the next! I'll be on a bike this time, one way or another, and will be happy to see familiar faces from the first run, and meeting new ones as well.

-Curtis Morgan, @rambleonphoto
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