What it's About

The Orygun Run is a grassroots throwback to the heart and soul of motorcycle culture in the United States; riding, partying, and waking up the next day to do it all again.

For those who love to explore and experience the world on two wheels, the Orygun Run is where you belong. Each day we wake up and ride roughly 300 miles across one of the most beautiful places on earth. At night we regroup, swap stories, and party in the finest company. We don’t care what you ride, so long as you’re willing to put down the miles and have a good time. 

When it Happens

By popular demand, the 2017 Orygun Run was extended to 4 days + 3 nights and we liked it so much, we're doing it again! The 3rd Annual Orygun Run will be held in July 13-16, 2018 (with a kickoff campout on July 12th). And don't forget, you might want to take off any extra work day to recover...!

Where We Go

Every year we explore new routes and destinations around the Pacific Northwest. Each Orygun Run will include a suggested route provided at the beginning of the run (check out the 2017 Routes HERE), but we strongly encourage riders to find their own path and explore along the way. The Orygun Run is all about the journey, the destinations are just a bonus. We look forward to seeing you on new paths each year.

Things to Remember

• Be responsible, don't ride high or drunk. 

• Give respect. Get respect. Don't be an asshole.

• It's not a race, ride at a comfortable pace.

• Beer and Weed will be readily available, be sure to thank our rad sponsors!

• Breakfast and Dinner are provided each day, food along the way is on you.

• Pack in, pack out. Our state is beautiful, but it only stays that way if people pick up after themselves.

• Please only call the chase truck for emergencies. 

• Ride motorcycles, have fun!

You Must be this High to Ride...

Due to the nature of the party, this is an adult-only ride - anyone 21 years of age or older is welcome on The Orygun Run.