Truth in the Slogan

I rode up from Northern California with my husband Nate. The Orygun Run was an ideal getaway to one of my favorite states on some of my favorite routes I had done in the past. Open roads, cool lakes, unsurpassed scenery; who doesn’t want that in a weekend?

But here's the real deal - the slogan rings so true for this run: ride, party, repeat. Each night we came together in a new spot under the stars to share beers, dance moves, stories, and naked moto jaunts around camp. The next morning you'd feel the pain from your choices during the previous hours, but you packed up your bike alongside new friends and got on for a few hundred miles more, until you meet up at the next stop to do it all again.

It was over as quickly as it started. I left the weekend and headed home with a full heart, many new friends and a lot of truly fond and entirely ridiculous memories (thanks shameless dick swinging dude). We cannot wait for the next one!


-ChelseyD, @chelsey_deez