I Don't Win Shit!

I met Adam and Jess at See See several years ago and they quickly became part of my tribe.  

After the Orygun Run was formed, I jumped onboard. Although I usually don't ride with more than a couple folks - and often by myself - I made the leap to get out there, do it with others, and benefit from the labor and coordination offered in a supported ride. 

As an Original Gunrunner, I have made lifelong friends over the last few years and am part of a circle of wrenchers and handbuilt freaks that welcome all people who ride into a true community.  You see, the Orygun Run is a riders rally in the truest form: it's about the ride. 7 hours up and a different camp every night. And that means something to this community.

Now I am not much on gambles, but I always throw down on raffle tickets to support the cost of the run, and hell, who doesn't yearn for custom bike parts, handmade bags, rad swag, tents, bells, wool sweaters, shades, shirts, gloves, or other bits and bobs? But I don't win shit. EVER.  

But check this out:

On the 2017 Orygun Run, I actually won a raffle prize - a gift certificate from Biltwell for the full cost of a new helmet, paired with a custom paint job by Jeff Wolf Designs. Didn't know much about this Jeff dude, but it sounded pretty solid regardless.

So a couple months later, with new helmet in hand, we got started. A gloss black Biltwell Gringo S landed Jeff's inspiration in the form of a continuous gold leaf ribbon; from there, he added a panel of NW coastal raven and sun designs, a panel of feathers, and some organic sinuous curls. This thing was utterly smokin and I couldn't believe it was mine (check it out HERE.)

So yeah, it turns out I don't win shit... just the really, really, good stuff now.

Here's a shout out to the talented Jeff Wolf. You rock brother. 

-Fox, @riverfox69