Oh The Destinations!

We've lived in Oregon most of our lives, and had never seen the places promised in the "Oryginal" Orygun Run. The idea of seeing this beautiful state we live in on our favorite mode of transportation was enough to warrant a cold shower!! :-)

Experiencing the ride itself is beyond words. The destinations that first attracted us to The Orygun Run became secondary to the spellbinding views and the curves in the road. The new people we met at the run's "party" destinations became instant friends. But by the end of that weekend friends had become family due to our shared passion for 2 wheeled adventures. Making us want to repeat!

Year 2, we anxiously waited for the 2017 tickets to go on sale, because we couldn't wait to see what new adventures and sights were in store for us. Seeing most of the faces from year one was like a family reunion! Besides the bitch-ass gravel road in Yachats that claimed some paint from Bonnie's saddle bag, year 2 did not disappoint!!

This year we again look forward to more of the same Orygun Run tradition: Ride, Party, Repeat - to seeing old friends and making new ones alike. We'll see you out there! 

-Bonnie (@bonfire59) + Rick (@hopester69)