Routes 101

We know that everyone has their own way of planning for their days on the road. So this year, we're offering up a multitude of ways that folks can view routes, download directions, and plan with fellow Gunrunners. Learn more below...

Rever allows us to create a space where all of our 2018 Orygun Run routes live. We've had a lot of questions about the website vs. the app, so here's the deal...

REVER.CO WEBSITE: when accessing the website from a desktop device, you can sign in to save, share, and edit maps to build out your own routes (you can also create your own profile with preferred routes, your favorite stops along the way, and shared maps with fellow Gunrunners in your group.)

REVER MOBILE APP: when accessing the app from a mobile device, you can sync your saved routes and use for day-of tracking while on the road and potentially out of wifi/cell service areas (the app will also sync with other riders currently logged in on Orygun Run routes so that you can reach out and/or meet up if desired.)

Please keep in mind that Rever is not a turn-by-turn navigation platform (neither website nor app), but instead, is intended for trip planning + trip tracking purposes only. These features can be accessed via Orygun Run's Community Page on Rever here:

If you're someone that prefers the turn-by-turn option for your day-of rides, you'll want to either download a .GPX file to upload to your preferred navigation program or download a .PDF file to print and keep accessible on the road.

WHAT IS A .GPX FILE: a GPS Exchange File (or .GPX) can be read by any number of navigation platforms - ie, GoogleMaps, Waze, HD Ride, etc. - and provides turn-by-turn navigation of the imported route. Keep in mind, however, that your navigation service may be impacted in areas with little to no wifi and/or cell service.

Both .GPX and .PDF downloads can be accessed via our Routes Download Page here:

No matter how you plan it, plot it, and ride it, the most important thing is for you to have access at any time. So let us know if you have questions about platforms or files and we'll do our best to help you out. Enjoy the ride!