Ride 1K In A Day Challenge

This year we have partnered with the Ride 1K In A Day Challenge to bring you more miles with extra long suggested routes. But in the true spirit of "putting your miles where your mouth is" they are challenging this year's Gunrunners to kick off the weekend by earning the 1K patch! The rules are simple, ride 1,000 miles in 24 hours.

In order to maximize the time limit, riders taking on the challenge will leave from the kick-off party at Sandy Hut on the night of Thursday, July 13th. 1k Challengers will pre-register for the run, be given the 1,000 mile route, and have their odometers verified before start. Kickstands will go up at 8pm and they will have until 8pm the following night to arrive at the first campsite in Fort Rock, OR with an extra thousand miles on their odometer! Ride 1K In A Day founder, Curtis Morgan, will be at the campsite waiting to verify odometers and times and to place that coveted patch in one hand and, of course, an ice cold beer in the other!

Get Ready For Your 1k Ride:

Important Info for 1k Challengers:

  • This route was specifically designed to keep the on-road ride time under 17 hours and keep riders on as few roads as possible, making the directions as clear as possible with sufficient time to get off the bike at gas stops.
  • The "Time Clock" markers are intended for use as a gauge *only* - and would utilize a full 24 hours if followed exactly. The intent is for riders to determine the stops at which they will take off road time to rest up/eat, while skipping long off road times at other stops. To be clear: we do not recommend planning to take all 24 hours for this ride!
  • Though the route has fuel stops all along the route, we *highly* recommend that you carry at least a couple extra gallons of gas in case you misjudge your next fuel stop.
  • Riders will be allowed to drop off their extra camp gear at Sandy Hut during pre-registration to be carried on the lead vehicle. This will allow 1k Challengers to ride as light as possible!
  • And remember, even though this challenge is about pushing yourself to spend more time on your bike, we encourage everyone to ride safely and within their limits. Remember to *stay hydrated and fed* and if you are hitting the point of fatigue, *stop and take a nap* before you become unsafe. 

Ready to put your miles where your mouth is? Email info@orygunrun.com + ride1kinaday@gmail.com to get rolling!