Pre-Ride Party @ Sandy Hut

...because 4 days and 3 nights still isn't enough #RidePartyRepeat!

Join us Thursday, July 13th @ Sandy Hut, from 7-9pm, to meet fellow Gunrunners and Orygun Run supporters over drinks and pinball. The awesome folks at Sandy Hut will allow us to take over a table or two so that you can find us easily, but the night is all yours.

At 8pm we'll be sending off our Ride 1K In A Day Challengers into the night to complete 1,000 miles on a truly epic Orygun Run route before meeting up with the rest of the group in Fort Rock. Buy them a soft drink - or a tank of gas - and wish them well as they head off on the road!

Got more questions? Check out our ever-growing list of Rider FAQ's online now!