DAY 2: Fort Rock to Yachats

DAY 2: Fort Rock to Yachats

Whether you took a 1,000 mile route to camp or a 4-hour jaunt on Day 1, the Orygun Run is just beginning! Day 2 will have you on your bike all day long, and trust us, even with a sore butt you'll be all smiles when you hit camp at the Oaks Bottom Forge property that night. You guys asked for lots of twisties along blue lines and Day 2 delivers - windy mountain roads, streams and creeks, swimming holes, waterfalls, and trees, trees, trees... all before you even reach that big blue Pacific Ocean. Hangovers and late starts aren't recommended on this day (you'll have tomorrow for that!), since we know you'll want to have plenty of time to stop off, refuel, play a game of nature's slip and slide, and enjoy some of the best wilderness Oregon has to offer.

Highlights Include:

Crater Lake Half-Loop Challenge Route  |  The Ride + Slide Suggested Route  |  Beach Biker Direct Route  |  Raffle! Raffle! Raffle! @Campsite  |  Pre-Sale Raffle Tickets Discounts  |  Beer Sponsor Spotlights (so. much. beer.)

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