DAY 1: Portland to Fort Rock

DAY 1: Portland to Fort Rock

Orygun Run Day 1 will take you way the hell out of the city and into the wide open skies of Central Oregon's Great Basin. After a day of Cascade Mountain scenery and ancient lake-carved hills, you'll arrive at the bygone homestead town of Fort Rock. When we experienced Rockhorse Park on our final Orygun Run night in 2016, we knew we would be coming back for more time under the huge redwoods with the fun-loving, super generous, and cannabis-friendly owners that have made this campsite feel like home. The day will be even more memorable for those riders that choose to go for gold with our Ride 1k In A Day Challenge Route... truly starting off the Orygun Run in the most kickass way possible! No matter how you choose to ride out, this will be an epic first day on the road, followed by an evening at one of the best spots in Oregon!

Highlights Include:

Pre-Ride Party @Sandy Hut  |  Gunrunner Registration @2 Stroke Coffee Co.  |  1K In A Day Challenge Route  |  The 3 Sisters Scenic Route  |  Ride to the Rock Direct Route  |  1K Challenger Welcome @Rockhorse Park  |  Campsite Host Sponsor Spotlights  |  Pre-Sale Raffle Tickets Discounts

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