2 Stroke Coffee Co. PROMO

For our *final* sponsor promo of 2017, our favorite caffeine slingers and moto-lovers of 2 Stroke Coffee Co. are putting up the last 2 tix to the Orygun Run. If you've never met @sethciferri, the owner of 2 Stroke Coffee Co., you're missing out on a crazy ride - the Baltimore tattoo artist turned Portland-based, multi-business owner has been making waves for over 40 years and will hopefully be bringing some serious #RidePartyRepeat vibes to the Gunrunner rider ranks this year as well! We encourage you to seek him out and - as he puts it - create some laundry nightmares on the dirt backroads of our campsites! After a night of slightly too much fun, this year's Gunrunners will also get to enjoy 2 Stroke fuel each morning, with homemade cold brew and road-friendly selections from friends at Booze Hound Bakery. Are you stoked yet?!? So, for this final promo - with the chance to win the last 2 spots on the sold out Orygun Run - we're expecting greatness. We've pulled out all the stops: show us what you've got.

This is the LAST Sponsor Ticket Promo, so don't miss your chance!
- Enter to win by July 1st  |  Winner announced July 2nd -


  1. Follow 2 Stroke Coffee Co. on Instagram and/or Facebook
  2. Post the wildest photo of you and your bike + Tell Us why you want to be on this year's Orygun Run... Don't hold back, go wide open throttle (good luck, don't die.)
  3. Tag @ORtix2017 to be entered to win


Winner will receive the last 2 spots on the sold out Orygun Run!


  • Instagram/Facebook accounts must be "public" to be entered into this promo (private accounts will not be searchable)
  • Non-social media users may be entered to win by emailing their submissions directly to info@orygunrun.com
  • By entering, you agree to allow your image/caption to be used 2 Stroke Coffee Co. & Orygun Run in promotional media
  • Winner will be announced online and must provide contact info via message/DM to Orygun Run to receive their prize