This Year's Destinations

This year the Orygun Run will be headed to Fort Rock, Yachats and Mulino. The first day will take us back to Rock Horse Park in Fort Rock. For the OG's it will be picking up where we left off. For the new Gunrunners it's a chance to get a taste of last years run. The next day we will ride on to Yachats to camp on private property provided by returning sponsor Oaks Bottom Forge. The third day will end in Mulino on a private farm run by the Executive Chef of Chicken and Guns, another returning sponsor.

If you are already looking at a map and worrying that there won't be enough miles for you, don't worry. This year we will be offering 3 suggested routes each day so you can match your miles to your hangover. Feeling pretty shitty? Take the short scenic route. You can sleep in and still get to the next camp in time for a late afternoon nap. Totally ready for the road? Take the meandering long way around. You'll spend most of the day on your bike like last years run. Woke up feeling like a moto god?? Our friends from Ride 1k In A Day will be providing a path that takes you way the hell out of the way... just for the sake of squeezing in as many miles between parties as possible. 

We will be posting the suggested routes to the website soon so stay tuned for updates.